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CLASS LOCATED AT MAKER WORKS IN ANN ARBOR (3765 Plaza Dr. 734.222.4911):

Every year my friend Terryl invites family and friends over to her home to decorate these beautiful eggs together, and this year, we wanted to share this tradition with all of you!

Join us Saturday April 8, from 10a,-1pm, OR from 2pm-5pm to learn how to make your very own Pysanky Egg and take home a kit to share later and teach your family and friends*!

*Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Pysanky is the traditional Ukrainian Art of decorating eggs. It is accomplished by using a wax-resist method called Batik. Using symmetrical, geometric, stunning motifs often taken from Slavic folk art, you can find these decorated eggs in many parts of eastern Europe.

Pysanky eggs are traditionally given as gifts to family members and community leaders. According to folklore, pysanky can help ward off evil from overtaking the world. It has also been the tradition of many to create them to wish for peace in the Ukraine.

Here is a great article about the history and how it is accomplished.

Your Class Includes:

  • Hands on Instruction to create your own Pysanky
  • Use of dye, kitska, wax, and eggs
  • Take Home Pysanky Decorating Kit:
    • Traditional Powdered egg dye (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Black)
    • 1 Kitska Stylus (for drawing designs with wax)
    • 1 Egg Blower (for emptying eggs)
    • Design packet
    • 1 Block of Bees Wax (to draw designs on eggs using a kitska)

*To get a kit to take home, you must be registered by Monday, March 27. Otherwise you can still register to decorate, but you may not receive a kit to take home.