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The upholstery industry has become a dying trade in the US (1). When manufacturing jobs went overseas for cheap labor, the few tradespeople left in the country guarded their trade heavily as to not breed competition. Because of this, the knowledge of Upholstery and Furniture Restoration hasn't been passed on very well, and the majority of those left in the industry are aging out of the trade.(2)


Since COVID hit, the resale industry has been booming. Now a 16.6 Billion Dollar industry(3), we are finding designers and contractors are scrambling to find quality upholsterers. Timelines to finish pieces, even ordered from big box stores, are extended 6 months and beyond. Established fabricators are going out of business because they can't hire help to keep up with the demand, and are burning out of the industry.


NOW is your chance to learn something new and apply that knowledge to bringing in some additional income for yourself or your family. Designers are no longer being picky about where an upholsterer completes their job. Social media has made it easy for us to track our progress and showcase our skills, providing legitimacy to our reputations, and making it easier for us to target our ideal clients.


I joined this industry more than 6 years ago, pulling furniture out of the trash, restoring it, and selling it on Facebook Marketplace. I've worked with award winning designers, architects and contractors. My work has been featured in magazines and locally in shows. I went from selling chairs for a few hundred dollars to flipping them for clients at $775 a pop plus fabric.


This is a sustainable way to make a living if you plan it just right. I'd love to share my journey with you and learn a thing or two along the way.


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