BeA 71 3/16 inch Upholstery Staple 20000 Per Box

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Upholstery staples are different than your typical hardware store pneumatic staples because they are much thinner. This is a great benefit to your wood projects because they do less damage upon being plowed into your wood details. Unfortunately that also means they are harder to remove. They work harden easier and break when removing, which, if you get trigger happy with your fun new pneumatic stapler, means you will hate your life if you find yourself abusing that role. Yay upholstery! One box includes 20,000 staples. Compare this to your typical hardware store staples that run about $5 for just over 1200 staples for a hand stapler, or $32 for the pneumatic staples that have just 3,000 a box. If you use your stapler regularly, a well made pneumatic stapler pays for itself in very short time. People tend to not look at how all of these material costs add up quickly over time. The very first major tool you invest in should be a good stapler and air compressor.