Cardboard Tacking Strip for Upholstery .5 Inch

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Ever wonder how upholsterers get that hard clean edge on the backs of furniture without being able to see the evidence of staples in their work? It's cardboard tack strip. 100%. Cardboard tack strip created clean straight lines on the backs and sides of your upholstered pieces. Knowing how to use it skillfully helps you to create professional clean lines on your furniture projects.

One giant roll of this product can last you years depending on how well you store it. Legends told, pizza boxes make great storage containers. Just cut an access hole in the middle of the lid, and you're off. My laziness has cost me a ton in this material. Get the pizza box.

If you do not yet have the capital to invest in a bulk supply of cardboard tack strip, any stiff recycled cardboard will do. This product isn't magical or waterproof, it's just manufactured to be a solution. There are no hard fast rules that say you cannot improvise.