Polyflex Roll Edge 1.50 Inch 50 Ft

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When you're stripping your furniture project and come upon a rope at the front or sometimes around the arms of your piece, what you are seeing is Roll Edge, or Edge Roll. This serves to create a round shape for the sculpting of your piece, but can also be used on the seat frame to fill in gaps from a round seat crown to the flat edge of a box cushion. It makes more sense when you see me explain it. Fact it, if it's there when you strip it, it is likely serving a higher purpose. You should consider this when re-building your piece, and also when you want to get creative with the details! Once you know how a mterial functions under foam and fabric, the sky is the limit to how you can use it to be creative and visualize your masterpiece. It comes in a variety of thicknesses is, reletive to how it will be used on your project. Seat roll edge is often thickest, and thinner examples are often used to shape edges of a frame, like the arm faces of wingback chairs. Ultimately though, it is just stiff rope covered in a utility fabric to make it easier to attach to a piece of furniture. This can be had crafted from recycled materials.