Tufting Needle Syringe: Time Saver Tufting Needle

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Let me blow your fucking mind with this actual time and money saver. If you're a furniture reseller, or finisher, you are going to want to invest in this tool. It allows you to apply or repair lost buttons to the backs of furniture without removing the back panel of fabric from your piece. Just as you might imagine, this syringe needle injects a button clasp inside the back of your piece, and like a grappling hook, attaches the string to the inside supporting materials and allows you to tie a new button on or replace an old button at the front of the furniture. People will think you know actual magic.

It's perfect for adding value to furniture you intent to resell. Many people cannot replace buttons on valuable mid century pieces or chesterfield sofas and loose a ton of money in the value when they can't accurately replace this decorative feature. The tool pays for itself. Get one, but don't forget the clasps.